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"You guys are just the best! I got myself into a pickle about an appliance and didn't even know what to ask for. Your staff and I faxed drawings back and forth until we came up with exactly what I wanted. And, oh my gosh, our patients absolutely love what you can do with designs in retainers - they can print out a design on their computer and you find a way to make it appear in their retainer. If we need something rushed you are accommodating - super accurate and dependable!"

- MaryJo from the office of Dr. Robert Ross (Florence, KY)

Management Team


John E. D. Kelly, Co-founder of NorthStar Orthodontics, grew up in a tiny Minnesota community. Post secondary education later found him in California working in a finance department of a large corporation. A short time later, feeling unfulfilled in his work life, he returned to school and received a degree in Dental Technology from Los Angeles City College. John then established two single-man dental laboratories in Texas and Arizona. In 1975, he returned to Minnesota to create NorthStar Orthodontics.

John's recipe for success:

  • Do not micromanage - delegate to empower. 
  • Always ask the hard questions - How? Why?
  • Maintain the enthusiasm needed to listen to others.
  • Approach life with a sparkling sense of humor.
  • Know when to change an apple into an orange.
  • Focus on customers, both internally and externally.
  • Hire strategically, then train diligently.
  • Live and share the philosophy of Servant Leadership.

Cindy Kelly, CEO/CFO of NorthStar, also has roots in small-town Minnesota. After college she had her first contact with the dental profession as an Office Manager for an orthodontic practice, which later gave her the opportunity to understand chairside assisting and dental laboratory procedures. Cindy and John joined as business and life partners when they married in 1976. She is also active in many community organizations and was awarded the Minnesota Jaycees "10 Outstanding Citizens" award in 1989.

Conrad J. H. Kelly, Vice President of NorthStar, began working full-time at the family business in 2008.  He is unsurpassed in computer networking and business management skills. Innovative and progressive, he is a valuable part of the team at NorthStar. Conrad is known for always looking ahead to make sure NorthStar stays on top of developing trends in the orthodontic industry.


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