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- Dr. Robert D. Rosenberg (Waterford, CT)

Sagittal - 3 Way - Lower
Sagittal - 3 Way - Lower
Sagittal - 3 Way - Lower
Sagittal - 3 Way - Lower
- No labial bow unless requested

- .028 Adams Clasps first molars

- .032 Ball Clasps distal cuspids

- "T-Traditional Pink" or "T-Clear" Acrylic

Alternate View:

- "N-Purple" neon Acrylic
Like the upper 3-way sagittal, this appliance has an additional midline screw to be used for widening of the arch before beginning to distalize the molars. Placement of the screws along the long axis of the alveolar ridge ensures distalization of the molars rather than advancement of the anterior. Posterior coverage may be added for an additional charge.

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