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"NorthStar has been providing years of consistent excellence in the fabrication of retainers and functional appliances for our offices. They are willing to customize and will call us with the appropriate questions. We are satisfied in every way."

- Dr. Michael Sabat (Parma, OH)

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Shipping and Handling Fee

Although all shipping expenses are paid by NorthStar, there is an $8.50 handling fee attached to all incoming shipments.  Please keep in mind that unlike many of our competitors, this fee is assigned to the entire shipment regardless of the total quantity of patient cases included.  The fee is the same whether you send one case or twenty as long as all the boxes are taped together to form a single package. 

Shipping From Outside the US

Please send any cases to our lab pre-paid or call us to make arrangements to have them billed directly to your office.  Return freight charges will be applied to your account.

Sending a Case 


  • Carefully inspect your working models for voids, blebs or distortions.  Our finished product depends on the quality of your patient’s model.
  • Write your patient’s name on the bottom of the model, especially when more than one case is sent in a box.
  • Include a wax bite whenever upper or lower models are sent.
  • Supply upper and lower models whenever the teeth are to be repositioned or if an extremely close bite creates a potential for occlusal interference.
  • Complete AND Sign a NorthStar prescription sheet, either our Standard or one of our specialized sheets (Study Models, Herbst, Splints, Twin Block, Frankel or Crown/Bridge).
  • Be sure to include: Doctor name (if not imprinted or different than imprint), dental license number, patient name (spelling of your patients name is important so please print), date you are sending the order, date you want the order back in your office (we suggest 2 days prior to insertion date), type of appliance and any special instructions (please be specific) and also any shipping materials you need to have restocked.
  • (Please remember that the Doctor filling out the Prescription MUST SIGN to make it a legal document. Failure to properly fill out the prescription will cause a delay to your case! NorthStar will not be held responsible for delays caused by failure to properly complete the prescription.)
  • If you have questions on how to communicate your needs, please call 800.346.0011 for assistance from one of our many skilled technicians.  

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