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"I have been using removable appliances for over 25 years and I can't recall the last time I needed a remake. If I send NorthStar a good set of models and a proper wax bite, the appliance always fits - always! I've worked with other ortho labs and NorthStar is the best!"

- Dr. Robert E. Craven (Liberty, MO)

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How do I take a proper wax bite?

There are several ways to take a wax bite.  We see great results using the following technique.  This instructional sheet may be downloaded in the Resources section of our website.


  1. (Figures 1-2)  Fold a sheet of pink base plate wax into thirds to form a rectangle three layers thick.

  2. (Figures 3-4)  Fold the sides of the smaller rectangle in to form an arch-shaped piece six layers thick at the edges.

  3. Soften the wax in a water bath. 

  4. Lay the wax over the lower arch with the anterior clear of wax to visually align the midline and achieve the desired amount of opening.  Use of a jig is recommended.

  5. Have your patient bite to desired position.

  6. Remove the wax and cool down.

  7. (Figure 5)  Cut buccal wax away through the occlusion line to visually check for bite opening.

  8. (Figure 6)  Reinsert the wax bite to check for proper opening.  

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